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Frequently Asked Questions
  • The UPSC CSE Mains Answer Paper Evaluation Programme by Superb IAS is designed to help aspirants improve their answer writing skills. It includes daily practice questions, weekly essay topics, and detailed feedback from expert evaluators within 24 working hours.

  • Participants will receive two UPSC-level questions every day. Additionally, one essay question will be provided every week to enhance essay writing skills.

  • Our expert evaluators will provide detailed feedback on your answers within 24 working hours, ensuring timely and actionable insights for improvement.

  • You will receive comprehensive feedback covering various aspects such as content accuracy, structure, presentation, and critical analysis. The feedback will highlight your strengths and suggest areas for improvement.

  • Yes, we offer flexible subscription plans to suit your preparation needs. You can choose from one month, three months, six months, or a plan that lasts until the Mains 2025 examination.

  • The programme helps you develop and refine your answer writing skills, receive personalized feedback from experts, and improve your time management and presentation skills, all of which are crucial for success in the UPSC Mains examination.

  • Our evaluators are experienced UPSC mentors and former civil servants with a deep understanding of the UPSC examination pattern and expectations. They provide insightful and constructive feedback to help you excel.

  • Currently, we do not offer a trial period. However, you can start with our one-month plan to experience the benefits of our programme before committing to a longer duration.

  • Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, please refer to our cancellation policy on our website for detailed information on refunds and cancellations.

  • Yes, we maintain a record of your submitted answers and feedback. This helps in tracking your progress and ensuring continuous improvement throughout your preparation journey.

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