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UPSC CSE Prelims Power Pack: Your 60-Day Success Blueprint (PEP 3.0)
Crack UPSC CSE Prelims 2024 in Just 60 Days with Our Intensive 4-Day Workshop.
Start Date
Apr 08, 2024
4 Days

Stop feeling overwhelmed by UPSC CSE Prelims preparation! Join our Blueprint for prelims (4-Day Workshop Series) and gain the expert strategies you need to clear the exam in just 60 days. Our intensive 4-day workshop is led by proven mentors and toppers, who will guide you step-by-step towards UPSC success.

What You'll Gain

Systematic Kickstart:
Get a structured UPSC roadmap from KAS rank holder Abin Yusuf Stalin.
Prelims Mastery:
Learn to dissect UPSC questions with precision from interview veteran Shobith Nambiar.
Option Elimination Edge:
Conquer the changing prelims pattern with Tojin Thomas's advanced techniques.
CSAT Dominance:
Crack CSAT with confidence under the guidance of top coach Anshad S.

Workshop Breakdown


Day 1: Systematic UPSC CSE Kickstart

Mentor: Abin Yusuf Stalin

  • Strategic Foundations: Lay the groundwork for a successful UPSC journey with a structured approach.

  • IAS Roadmap: Gain insights from a KAS rank holder’s proven strategies.

  • The Mentor’s Method: Adopt a starter plan that has guided numerous aspirants to success.


Day 2: Mastering the UPSC Paper

Mentor: Shobith Nambiar

  • Question Quest: Learn to navigate the prelims with precision and confidence.

  • The Interview Insight: Draw on the wisdom of a seasoned UPSC interviewee.

  • Prelims Playbook: Arm yourself with an expert’s guide to tackling UPSC questions.


Day 3: Adapting to the Changing UPSC Pattern

Mentor: Tojin Thomas

  • The Elimination Edge: Develop advanced techniques for option elimination.

  • Beyond the Cut: Aim for scores 30-40 marks above cutoffs with proven methods.

  • Prelims Mastery: Uncover strategies that led to a record-breaking prelims performance.


Day 4: Cracking the UPSC CSAT

Mentor: Anshad S

  • Aptitude Advantage: Master the CSAT with techniques from a top faculty member.

  • CSAT Simplified: Break down the complexities of the CSAT into manageable challenges.

  • The CSAT Code: Decode the logical patterns essential for CSAT success.

The Superb IAS Difference

  • Proven Success: Learn insider strategies from Tojin Thomas, our Chief Mentor, who cleared prelims 5+ times, attended 3 interviews, and consistently scores 30-40 marks above cutoffs.

  • Expert Guidance: Our mentors provide invaluable insights and personalized support. Abin Yusuf Stalin, a KAS rank holder, will guide you in creating a systematic roadmap for your UPSC journey. Shobith Nambiar, who has aced multiple UPSC CSE interviews (including twice for UPSC CSE and once for Forest Service), will equip you with question-tackling techniques honed from his experience. And Anshad S, a top faculty member with expertise in CSAT and a record of clearing multiple exams, will help you conquer the CSAT portion.

Proven Results Under Tojin Sir's Guidance

  • Witness the transformative power of Tojin Sir's mentorship: 38 aspirants have cleared UPSC CSE in the past 4 years!

  • Meet some of our toppers: Arya VM (AIR 36 - 2023), Malavika G Nair (AIR 172 - 2023), Dr. Nandagopan M (AIR 233 - 2023), Achyuth Ashok (AIR 190 - 2023), HRIDYA S VIJAYAN IAS (AIR 317, General Studies Marks: 413 - 2022), Hashin Jithu , (AIR 553 - 2022), Meera K IAS (AIR 06 - 2021) Kerala topper, Minnu PM (AIR 150 - 2021), and many more.

Arya VM AIR 36 (2023)
Dr.Nandagopan M,
AIR 233, (2023)
Meera K IAS AIR 06, 2021, Kerala topper
Minnu PM AIR 150 (2021)
Ebin Benny Abraham IFS, AIR 29, (2020)

Seats are limited! Reserve your place in the Blueprint for Prelims 3.0 and fast-track your UPSC CSE 2024 success.

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