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Sureshot™ 2025

5-phase program: Master answer writing, revise Mains, conquer Prelims with subject mastery classes & frequent tests. Proven success record - Kerala GS toppers. Enroll in Sureshot 2025 Cycle 1 - Prelims + Mains mentorship with 100+ tests. Limited seats!

Start Date
June 25, 2024
8 Months
Superb IAS give you the edge over traditional classroom
Access top India's best teachers 24/7, resolve doubts instantly, adaptive practice, mock tests, and performance analysis in one platform.

Enroll in our game-changing course for just ₹4999, with a jaw-dropping 50% off, but don't wait – limited time only!


Are you a veteran UPSC aspirant looking to finally conquer the Civil Services Exam in 2025? We've got you covered! Superb IAS offers two affordable monthly fee programs designed specifically for veterans like you:

  1. Sureshot™ (Comprehensive) 2025: This program provides a comprehensive study plan divided into 6 phases to ensure your success.

  2. Sureshot™ Prelims 2025: Focus on acing the Prelims stage with this daily study program featuring regular tests.

Sureshot™ (Comprehensive) 2025 - Your Rank Assurance Program

This program is designed with five strategic phases to guide you towards qualification:

Phase 1: 360° Mains & CSAT: Master the art of answer writing through mentorship and in-depth Mains syllabus coverage.

Phase 2: CSE Dual Attack: Revise Mains topics while practicing answer writing with 3-4 sessions per week.

Phase 3: Prelims Powerhouse: Master subjects with our Subject Master Classes and phased learning approach. Take Prelims and Mains tests every two days.

Phase 4: Prelims Exclusive: Hone your prelims skills with revision workshops and targeted tests.

Phase 5: Prelims Ultimate Revision: Solidify your knowledge through intensive revision phases.

Bonus Phase 6: Conquering Mains - Sureshot Mains Test Series 2024!

We Get Results - Proven Mentorship for Veterans

Our Sureshot Mentorship Programme has a history of success, guiding students who previously struggled with Prelims to achieve top ranks. We are committed to your success - "Your Rank is Our Only Priority."

Stories that inspire

"Superb IAS (formerly known as Civils Cafe IAS Study Circle) is a great place to help you in your civil service preparations. The writing programs are designed to elicit the maximum results out of the candidate. The whole system is dedicated to help the aspirants in every way possible, such as the 24 hours open reading room."
Meera K IAS
Rank - 6
"The Free mains test series program at Superb IAS (formerly known as Civils Cafe) Helped me to practice answer writing earnestly The detailed  review too helped immensely too add value to answers and complete papers on time."
Rank - 36
My association with Superb IAS (formerly known as CivilsCafe) stemmed out of my personal friendship with Tojin Sir. During my personality test prepreration, the one one one session at Civils Cafe was really fruitful and it gave me immense confidence to attend the same. Thank you for all your support & guidance. Wish you good luck for future endeavours."
Minnu PM IAS
Rank - 150
"I had attended the mock mains test papers conducted by Superb IAS (formerly known as civils cafe). I found their questions and answer key very informative, relevant and comprehensive. Thank you for all the help provided."
Malavika G Nair
Rank - 172
"Superb IAS's (formerly known as Civils Cafe) Sureshot Mains test series helped me manage time efficiently for the General Studies Papers in CSE 2022. It was the only test series I attended between Prelims and Mains for GS and Essay. The tests were astutely designed to serve the twin objectives of knowledge building and confidence building. The reviews for the tests were also delivered promptly and enabled me to improve week-by-week. As a result, I gained clarity regarding my strategy and approach which aided me in the actual exam and helped me earn the 190th Rank."
Achyut Ashok IPS
Rank - 190
“Superb IAS's (formerly known as Civilscafe) well structured Sureshot Programme helped me build on my strengths and identify my weaknesses. The SURESHOT mains test series initiative spearheaded by Tojin Sir enabled me to clear mains comfortably. The honest and exact feedback provided in the mock interview helped me improve my preparation and achieve a decent interview score. Individual mentorship provided by the dedicated mentors instils the confidence in your abilities. Thank you and all the best.
Dr.Nandagopan M IPS
Rank - 233
"My contact with Superb IAS (formerly known as Civils Cafe) started with the  Mains Answer Writing in the telegram channel. Thoufeek sir and Tojin sir helped me in thus giving individual and thorough feedback which helped me improve my answer writing even before prelims. The interview guidance also helped me in boosting my confidence and finding expected questions."
Hridya S Vijayan IAS
Rank - 317
"Ever since we embarked on our civil services journey, Anshad has consistently proven himself as the undisputed leader in CSAT preparation across the state. His profound grasp of even the most intricate concepts is unparalleled, making him a beacon of excellence in the subject. Moreover, his exceptional ability to elucidate complex topics and assist others in comprehension consistently surpasses expectations. Enrolling in Anshad's CSAT classes would be be the first step paving the way for your future success in the UPSC examination."
Deepak Dev Viswan IRS
Rank - 508
"Superb IAS (formerly known as Civils Cafe) greatly helped me during my preparation phase. Their team is dedicated and has many knowledgeable and committed people who helped in identifying the strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Good individual attention and consistent support till you clear the examination is guaranteed. My sincere gratitude to the team Superb IAS (formerly known as Civils Cafe).
Hashin Jithu
Rank - 553
Frequently Asked Questions
  • This course is specifically designed for veteran UPSC CSE aspirants aiming to crack the exam in 2025.

  • We offer two programs:

    1. SURESHOT (Comprehensive) 2025: This program covers all aspects of the UPSC CSE, from Prelims to Mains and Interview.

    2. Sureshot Prelims 2025: Focus solely on Prelims with this program featuring daily study plans and frequent tests.

  • This program offers a comprehensive 5-phase structure that guarantees your success:

    • Personalised mentorship for Mains answer writing.

    • Complete coverage of the Mains syllabus.

    • Effective Mains revision strategies.

    • Regular answer writing practice sessions.

    • Subject mastery classes and phased learning for Prelims.

    • Frequent Prelims and Mains tests to track progress.

    • Dedicated Prelims mastery phase with revision workshops and tests.

    • Intensive revision phases for Prelims consolidation.

    • Access to Sureshot Mains Test Series 2024.

  • Superb IAS has a proven track record of transforming veteran aspirants into toppers. We have mentored students who narrowly missed success in previous attempts and helped them achieve their UPSC dreams.

  • The program is offered at an affordable monthly fee. Please contact our Student Relationship Officer for details on specific program fees.

  • click the enrolment button or contact us to inquire about Sureshot 2025 Cycle 1. Seats are limited, so register today to secure your spot!


Interview - Appeared - Mentors
One-to-One Personalised Mentorship (Pre + Mains)
Phase-wise Customised Study Plans
Mains Answer Writing Competency
Syllabus Coverage with Multiple Revisions
Complimentary CSAT Course

Focus on Your Weaknesses with Sureshot™ Prelims 2025

If you need a Prelims-focused program, Sureshot Prelims 2025 is the answer. This program offers daily studies with frequent tests (every 2 days) to keep you sharp. Rapid revision classes before each subject ensure you stay on top of your game.

Superb IAS - A Legacy of Excellence

Formerly known as Civils Cafe, Superb IAS has a proven track record of helping students excel in General Studies. We are proud to have had Kerala toppers Hridya S Vijayan (2021) and Malavika G Nair (2023) achieve phenomenal scores in GS. Hridya, from our 2021 Sureshot batch, even secured an impressive All-India Rank 317 in UPSC 2022!

Sureshot™ 2025 Cycle 1: Your Time to Shine

This program offers a comprehensive approach with over 100 tests and mentorship to guide you through both Prelims and Mains.

Here's what you get with Sureshot™ 2025:

  1. Develop time-bound answer writing skills under expert guidance.

  2. Receive personalized mentorship to address your specific needs.

  3. Participate in rapid revision classes to solidify your knowledge.

  4. Follow a structured daily schedule for optimal learning.

  5. Access high-quality course materials.

  6. Take advantage of over 100 strategically designed tests.


₹10,000 (60% OFF)

Only 47 Seats Left!

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