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IAS PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2023 is a systematically designed Test Series for UPSC PRELIMS 2023 which contains a total of 97 Tests.

- 37 Theme Based Tests (Full Length Tests)

- 60 Assessment Tests*

- 03 UPSC Level Mock Tests

IAS PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2023 Test Series covers all the areas with complete coverage of NCERT, Important Conventional Topics as well as Current Events and Issues.



What Makes IAS PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2023 Unique?


  • 60% Questions in UPSC Prelims are always from STATIC SYLLABUS (NCERT & Standard Books) and our focus is on same.

  • Both Freshers and Seniors can join this test series and it definitely covers the syllabus through various stages.

  • Design of the Test series is prepared according to the emerging trends of UPSC

  • Module portions is done in a way one can easily cover the test portions in the given time period.

  • Remarkably all the Chapters so that a topic can be covered in both basic book(NCERT) and Reference Book.

  • Detailed Explanation Key will be provided for all tests.

*Note: The questions have been specifically designed to test your knowledge and understanding of each topic. In order to help us analyse your conceptual clarity, the level of some of the questions have been watered down. Kindly keep that in mind as you attempt these questions.

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