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Mains Answer Development Programme - GS I - Question no: 1

Just like technological innovations, environmental changes has also played an important role in altering and updating various cultures. Illustrate with examples. (10 Marks, 150 Words)

Sueprb Answer :

Technological changes leading to changes in culture-

● Popularity of global languages like English; Close interaction of different cultures is leading to homogenization of unique culture and exclusion of some of the orthodox principles.

● Interplay of science with religion, Restoration and preservation of the historical documents like manuscript and digital records

● Examples of environment changes are flood, heat waves, soil erosion, drought, food scarcity, pollution, deforestation, water pollution etc.

Impact of environmental changes on culture-

● Flourishing civilizations fell prey- Harappa, Maya, Aryan culture changed altogether with migration from central Asia to India.

● 200 million climate refugee by 2050- UN Refugee Agency estimates, Will lose their culture, mostly island community and increased homogenization of cultures. With successive droughts causing 1.5 million Syrian people to migrate to the country’s cities between 2006 and 2011.

● With changing cropping pattern and loss of biodiversity change in food pattern will be observed.

● With shift in monsoon cycle change in the cycle of crops will be observed which may affect the festivals like Pongal, Baisakhi in India. ● Increased forest fires and floods may affect the culture of Nomadic communities and tribes and loss of unique culture with shift in places

● Also changes in the existing practices and festival may be observed like celebration of festivals in eco-friendly way Holi without water due to water scarcity or Diwali without crackers due to air pollution or E-crematorium (saves wood, reduce pollution).

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