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ISRO released moon photo sent by Chandrayaan-2 orbiter

ISRO has released pictures of the moon from Chandrayaan-2 orbiter's camera today. A different glimpse of the moon is being seen in these pictures taken with the high resolution camera of the orbiter. A few days ago, through photographs taken from the orbiter, ISRO also informed about the location of Vikram Lander. Explain that the orbiter will continue to revolve around the moon's orbit for 7.5 years.

On September 7, the lander Vikram could not get a soft landing on the lunar surface and ISRO lost contact with Vikram. Later the hard landing of the lander was also confirmed by NASA and ISRO scientists. Currently, Chandrayaan-2 orbiter is present in the moon's orbit which will continue to work for 7.5 years. New pictures of the moon has been shared with the same orbiter's camera.

A few days ago, the exact location of the lander Vikram was discovered on the lunar surface. The orbiter also clicked a thermal image of Vikram Lander. However, after nightfall on the moon, ISRO's hopes of contacting the lander Vikram were over.

ISRO Chief K. Sivan said, 'The age of the orbiter is more than 7 and a half years, not One year, as stated earlier. This is because he has too much fuel left. Lander Vikram is likely to be found through instruments mounted on the orbiter.

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