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The Big Picture - Police Commissioner System

UP govt has approved the commissionerate system of policing state capital Lucknow and Noida . This system gives more responsibilities including magisterial powers to IPS officers of the rank of Inspector general of Police who are posted as Commissioner.


Many states have adopted the commissionerate system at the metropolitan level to facilitate faster decision making in solving complex urban centric issues. According to a BPRD report 61 cities in 15 states had this system in place by January , 2018 . Sixth National police Commission report released in 1983 had recommended introduction of commissionerate system in cities with a population of 5 lakh and above . Later in 2005 a draft Model Police Act framed by a committee set up by the Union Home Ministry also made similar recommendation saying metro cities and major urban areas with a population of 10 lakhs or more should have a Police Commissioner System.

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