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The Big Picture - India's Trade Diplomacy With Malaysia, Turkey

India is planning to cut some imports from Turkey and widen curbs on palm oil from Malaysia to oil, gas and other products, news agency reuters reported on Wednesday. India is the world’s biggest buyer of edible oils, and has already effectively stopped importing palm oil from Malaysia by asking importers to look elsewhere. According to the report, New Delhi is now planning to restrict buying of petroleum, aluminium ingots, liquefied natural gas, computer parts and microprocessors from Malaysia. The same report goes on to add the government is also planning to cut imports of oil and steel products from Turkey. Meanwhile, another Reuters report said Malaysia will use diplomatic channels to try and resolve concerns over the palm oil exports. Malaysia's minister of primary industries told an industry conference that "This year, Malaysia foresees more challenges in some of its major markets”. On this edition of the big picture we will analyse India’s Relations with Turkey and Malaysia.

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